Sonos Binding: Channel for Bass, Treble and Loudness not available

I tried to setup the sonos channels for bass, treble and loudness. But they seem not available as channels in my installation. Based on the documentation ( Sonos - Bindings | openHAB ) these channels should be available. Any ideas? Is it really integrated after all?

Many other channels from the sonos binding (volume, play, mute, …) work fine.

I also tried to add it manually in the “expert mode” in the ui. Didn’t help.


  • My installation is 3.1.0 and everything is configured via the UI;
  • I’ve tested it with sonos one (rev 1) and sonos port;
  • Details of the sonos hardware in the screenshot:

Thanks for your help.

Did you check the advanced channels, which are not displayed by default?

yes, I did.

Thanks for the reply.

I can’t say since when those channels are available, however you stated to have created (newly?) configured your things via the UI, that way you can’t have things that were created before you installed the 3.1 Version.
Other then those two reason for not having those channels (missed the check the advance channels or using a thing created before those channels were incooperated) I Seenot reason why those channels should not there.

I have only Play1’s ( the ones without VoiceAssistance) with each having 46! channels (if I counted correctly)

Thanks for your help.

Deleting the things and re-adding them solved the problem. The missing channels are showing up now.

I probably added the sonos things already with OH 3.0.x, before I upgraded to 3.1.x. But I’m not sure, since I had some issues with the backup and went several times back and forth. If the bass (etc.) channels are only available since 3.1.0; then this is most probably the root cause.