Sonos Binding: Grouping Stereo Pairs

Hi all,

I have some trouble with grouping of my Sonos. My setup is the following:

  • Two Sonos Play3 players paired (stereo pair) in the Living room
  • One Sonos Play one in the Kitchen

Within a rule I want to group the Player in the Kitchen with the stereo pair in the living room using the command:

sendCommand(str_sonos_livingroom_add , "RINCON_XXXXXXX01400")

The variable str_sonos_livingroom_add holds the URN of the right player of my stereo pair.
Sadly this doesn’t work at all. If I unpair the two Play3s, it works just fine :frowning:

Any Ideas?


Yes, this is one part (pairs of Sonos) which was not reverse-engineered by a developer and is certainly not correctly handled by the Sonos binding.
I have myself no Sonos devices I can pair.