Sonos binding


I have made a sonos binding with openhab. Now I want to execute the command for playing a certain radio station.
I have following code:

in the items:
Number Radio_Station "Radio" <network>
in the sitemap:
Selection item=Radio_Station mappings=[1=MNM, 2=JoeFM, 3=StuBru]
in the rules:
rule “Select Radio Station”
Item Radio_Station received command
switch(receivedCommand) {
case 1 : {sonos="[MNM:RINCON_B8E9375A1DFE01400:radio]"}
case 2 : {sonos="[JoeFM:RINCON_B8E9375A1DFE01400:radio]"}
case 3 : {sonos="[VRT Studio Brussel:RINCON_B8E9375A1DFE01400:radio]"}
this give and error in my log:

2016-01-04 13:45:31.156 [ERROR] [o.o.c.s.ScriptExecutionThread ] - Error during the execution of rule 'Select Radio Station2': org.eclipse.xtext.util.PolymorphicDispatcher$NoSuchMethodException: Couldn't find method ''_assignValue'' for objects [JvmVoid: (eProxyURI: default.rules#xtextLink_::, <null> sonos <XStringLiteralImpl>, [JoeFM:RINCON_B8E9375A1ECE01400:radio], org.eclipse.xtext.xbase.interpreter.impl.DefaultEvaluationContext@27cf0, org.eclipse.xtext.util.CancelIndicator$1@190bff9]

Does anyone know why it can’t execute the command?
Kind regards

You do not send any command to your Sonos in the switch-case-statement.

Maybe you could try the following:

A. Define a Sonos-radio-item:

String Sonos_playradio { sonos="[RINCON_B8E9375A1DFE01400:radio]" }

B. Change your rule to send a command to that item:

switch(receivedCommand) {
    case 1 : sendCommand(Sonos_playradio, "MNM")
    case 2 : sendCommand(Sonos_playradio, "JoeFM")
    case 3 : sendCommand(Sonos_playradio, "StuBru")

Keep in mind that you have to add these radio stations to your Sonos favorites list using the app.

done and working, Thanks !

Is there a reason you did not use the existing binding?
Maybe you should contact the developer and share your knowledge to improve the binding if it did not meet your needs.