Sonos for a first time user

Hi All,

I am first time user of OpenHab and I have been following the tutorials from within the website. I tried to implement the Sonos binding using Paper UI. I chose the Play1 binding only. When I look in the control area I can see that it begins to appear however it seems to crash every time I access it.

I realize there are more advanced techniques for getting “things” working and I have started to look at the site map tutorial to assist me with this.

I just wondered if anyone had experience of using the Sonos binding and I was doing something wrong? I understand you will require more detail and I am certain this comes across as amateur but I am keen to progress my project and continue to experiment with this.

I have very little experience of programming so if anyone is kind enough to respond then please don’t assume that I know anything all I have achieved thus far is:

  • Successfully installing OpenHab on my raspberry PI
  • Add my Mobile Phone as “thing” installed the mobile phone discovery item and was able to view this within the control pannel of paper UI
  • Added my Sonos play1 as a “thing” and installed the corresponding binding.

Many Thanks,