Sonos Notification Duration

I’m looking for an understanding of the 20 second timeout on the Notification channel for the Sonos. Is this something that Sonos does directly or is this part of the binding? Is this timeout able to be adjusted? I have something I’ve been working on that can be between 15 and 25 seconds depending on some variables. I was hoping that I could adjust the timeout to 30 seconds to allow for this. I’ve searched on here and I’ve not seen anything in respect to being able to change it, only that 20 seconds is the limit. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The 20 seconds are a DEFAULT setting in the binding, if you are using an actual snapshot version you should be able to set it to your value in PaperUI. I’m using the stable 2.1 with the version of Sonos that was shipped with that, in there this possibility is missing.

I’m on the stock 2.1 right now. I do not see this in the option in the PaperUI binding config. All I see are the two URL configurations. If this is coming in 2.2 I’ll just wait.

As far as I understand the code, it should be coming with a new stable release.

Has there been a configuration that can be added to a text file thing definition of the Sonos to set the Notification Timeout now that it’s been added in 2.2.0? It’s not listed on the documentation.

Ignore, dug through the code and found it on

For those looking later, it is “notificationTimeout” and is defined as an integer in the thing line.