Sonos notification volume

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I try a notification in rules with the sonos binding and the say command in rules
I setup my sonos device as the default audiosink in paper UI.
When i use the following in the rule it is working:
say(“This is a test”)

But it is very silent. I check it in the sonos app and can see that the volume is moving from 50 % to 25% and than back to 50%.

I read that there existed the channel notificationvolume, but as I read this is not working anymore.

I also tried the following:

setMasterVolume(new PercentType(90))
say(“This is a test”)

But this is also not working.

So is there any possibility to change the notification volume of any sink so that it has a higher volume?

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I have more or less the same issue. Changing the volume during the “say” command like this:

“say(message, new PercentType(10))”

does not work as it will indeed change the volume, but not the notificationvolume and as such the notifications are always played at the same volume. I did just now read somewhere that if you do not separately set the notificationvolume property, then the notifications will be played at the current “normal” volume. Will test this today evening.

  • jani

I also have this problem. Is there any solution yet?

Try to the set the thing config “notification volume” on MainUI ( if you configured it that way).

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