Sonos obsolescence news

Just thought I’d share the below. May or may not affect those with Sonos gear setup in OH


Remember to read the update note at the buttom of the article…
Sonoff CEO made a blogpost yesterday. Old gear is still supported.

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The article I read stated that whilst the old gear could still be “used” it could not be mixed with newer models. So if you have a mix you may want to read more about it :slight_smile: A big warning to anyone that buys gear that requires a cloud to be used or even to make setup changes.

That’s how I read it too, so using arbitrary examples, if you purchased a new speaker running version 2.5 software (not a real version, just to illustrate) then you would not be able to add this to the existing set of speakers (if they’re on the list to be made obsolete) because all devices need to be on their same software version in order to work together.

As far as I understand, they´re building two systems, which cant work together. One is the old, and then the new.