SONOS - PlayURI does not work?

I have a Sonos ONE SL linked up to OpenHab via the Sonos binding.

I can play/pause/next/previous my device without a problem. When I’m playing spotify on the device, the ‘currenttrackuri’ item is updated regularly. Everything is working fine in that regard!

However, how do I send an URI to the device so that is starts playing said URI? I’ve set up an item to the channel :playuri, but when I send somethin to it, nothing happens on the Sonos. Openhab notifies me that the channel/item value changed, but thats it.

URI’s I have tried are:

These are URIs that show up in my openhab logs, so I’m guessing I am using the right format, but I can’t really find any documentation on this matter.

Does anyone have any suggestions?!

I have the same problem. Did you solve it?

Had the same problem. Was able to solve it by prepeding x-rincon-mp3radio to to url: