[Sonos] Problems with Sonos version 12.2.1?

Oberserving not working commands playSound and say on version 12.2.1. Anybody else observing the same?
Using openHAB and openHAB 3 (build 2013)
Nothing to be seen in DEBUG logging.

Have to dig deeper and elsewhere since it is generally working except one speaker.

For the ones who are interested, the player which does not react on the above commands has differing Hardwareversion ( and Serien-ID (A200) whereas the other have ( and (A101).
I’m not sure if I should report/ask that on the sonos forum.

Did you already try to reboot the Sonos device?

Actually I did hesitate (because this one is the sole wire connected one!).
After the reboot:
Playsound or Say command not played, however if a (TuneIn) radio was played that stream is stopped, NO sound played and the stream is lost (Sonos has no music selected, Rsadio has to be reselected).

Thanks for looking into it, however stop condering! There is something weird going on here. After doing the same test as above to another player (which did work before), this other player stopped responding to those commands and the initially faulty one is working. :flushed:
“Maybe” rebooting just the wired one wasn’t a real good idea.

Just a feedback for you.
After a day and a reboot of the the actually not working player all players are responding to the playSound and say commands. So no problem with the binding, working in AND 3 (build 2025)!!