Sonos que is not replaced when playing from playlist

Running OH2 and the new Sonos binding, I am having trouble with playing tracks using the playlist-channel. The problem is that when a playlist is submitted to the player, the tracks within in the submitted playlist is simply added to the que - not replacing it. If there already are tracks in the playlist, you will get a mix of previous tracks and the tracks in the new playlist.

I don’t know if this may be intentional, but from a user point of view it is not very practical. I have not found any other channels in the sonos binding which allows deleting the que.

Have anyone found a work around to this issue?

I have added a feature request for this issue.

I know this is a late rely but I just created a workaround that works for me.
sendCommand(JohnsStudySonosPlayuri, “” )
sendCommand(JohnsStudySonosPlaylist, “Selection” )
It appears that playuri clears the queue.

I just submitted a PR for adding the “clear queue” feature.