Sonos speakers go OFFLINE after change to OH2.3

I changed to OH2.3 and now my sonos boxes start dropping out, more precisely those boxes that are connected to the “SonosNet”, the one connected by wire remains online.
The one reported online doesn’t react on commands given via OH.
Using Sonos via the Sonos App is fully functional.

That hasn’t been that way before!

After the change to OH2.3 I dropped the old sonos things are reinitiated them in order to get the new properties and channels.


By reverting the Sonos setup to pure WLAN and restarting OH I was able to get all players back online.
Does a setup which uses the SonosNet make problems?


After a while I’m stuck again with no player online, all reporting communication error???


The last problems were solved by removing then entries in the cache and temp folder. Everything is online now, have to test if it is the same when using SonosNet again.

After reestablishing the SonosNet I hab to stop OH, delete the cahe and temp folder and restart OH to regain ful functionality of the Sonos Boxes from OH.

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