Sonos - Spotify Playlist as favorite not starting

Running OH2 with different bindings here, one of them is Sonos, installed via PaperUI and also linked via PaperUI to an “empty” item defined in sonos.items.

In my Sonos Favorites I have defined 2 radio stations and one playlist, this playlist does not come from Sonos itself but is a dynamic playlist from Spotify (Relax & Unwind). The radio stations are coming from TuneIn.


String Sonos_Keuken_Favorite	"Sonos Keuken Favoriet"


    Frame label="Media" {
    	Switch item=Sonos_Keuken_Favorite mappings=["MNM"="MNM","VRT Radio 1"="Radio 1","RelaxUnwind"="RelaxUnwind"]

Via PaperUI I have linked the item defined in sonos.items to the channel in PaperUI:

This shows up fine in my BasicUI and I can switch between MNM and Radio 1, no problem there whatsoever. The thing is: I can’t start the RelaxUnwind playlist which comes from Spotify. Just to be clear: I’m not talking about spotify connect. I just want to start a dynamic playlist coming from Spotify :slight_smile: . The playlist is added as a favorite in Sonos. The bizarre thing is that when I create a static Sonos-playlist (not a static playlist in Spotify), containing Spotify tracks it works perfectly. But then the list is not dynamic and stays the same until I change the content of the playlist myself on a certain day.

No one any idea?

Did you ever sort this out?
I would like to play my “Favorite” songs as a playlist as well. But I can’t seem to find the URI in Spotify that represents my favortied songs :frowning: