Sonos - thing configuration with two devices of same type


I am using OH2.3 with sonos binding and have a question how to configure the things file for two PLAY1 devices.

I tried this, based on example in OH docs, but only the first thing can be used.

Thing sonos:PLAY1:room1	[udn="RINCON_xxxxxx", refresh=30]
Thing sonos:PLAY1:room2	[udn="RINCON_yyyyyy", refresh=30]

If I change things configuration to this, then I can use both things. But I have to use UUID in item config, which I tried to avoid.

Thing sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_xxxxxx	[udn="RINCON_xxxxxx", refresh=30]
Thing sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_yyyyyy	[udn="RINCON_yyyyy", refresh=30]

Is there another way to use room name for things instead of UUID?


Thing sonos:PLAY1:room_1 [udn="RINCON_xxxxxx", refresh=30]
Thing sonos:PLAY1:room_2 [udn="RINCON_yyyyyy", refresh=30]
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edit: had an typo, working now. thank you!

When setting up the sonos in openhab, did you use the paperUI to add the things?
The ones you created with paperUI may be duplicated with the one manually added in your things file.
I would suggest removing all the sonos things and adding them back up after restart one by one and only on the things file OR paperUI but NOT both.

I only had configurd only in things file. paperUI was used to check status (online/offline) of thing

Sorry, have you got it working now?

Yes Vincent, its working now. I had edited my previous post. Thank you for your assistance!