Sonos won't link all channels

Hi all

For my Sonos Connect, I created items for all channels:
Player Sonos_living_Controller "Controller" <sonos> (gSonosEG) {channel="sonos:CONNECT:living:control"} Dimmer Sonos_living_Volume "Volume [%.1f %%]" <soundvolume> (gSonosEG) {channel="sonos:CONNECT:living:volume"} Switch Sonos_living_Mute "Mute" <soundvolume_mute> (gSonosEG) {channel="sonos:CONNECT:living:mute"} Switch Sonos_living_LED "LED" <switch> (gSonosEG) {channel="sonos:CONNECT:living:led"} String Sonos_living_CurrentTrack "Now playing [%s]" <text> (gSonosEG) {channel="sonos:CONNECT:living:currenttrack"} String Sonos_living_CurrentAlbum "Album [%s]" <text> (gSonosEG) {channeL="sonos:CONNECT:living:currentalbum"} String Sonos_living_CurrentArtist "Artist [%s]" <text> (gSonosEG) {channeL="sonos:CONNECT:living:currentartist"} String Sonos_living_CurrentTitle "Title [%s]" <text> (gSonosEG) {channeL="sonos:CONNECT:living:currenttitle"} String Sonos_living_State "Status [%s]" <text> (gSonosEG) {channel="sonos:CONNECT:living:state"} String Sonos_living_Zone "Zone [%s]" <text> (gSonosEG) {channel="sonos:CONNECT:living:zonename"}

If I check the configuration in PaperUI, only the Control, Volume and Zone Name channels are bound to an item, the others not. Can also confirm that when checking the Basic UI, only the three values above are displayed, Current Album, Artist etc. are always empty.

Any idea why?

Also, when I restarted my OH2 instance, the Sonos devices are displayed in my Inbox again. That’s strange as I already added them through PaperUI and they are working (more or less…). Should I just ignore those in the inbox?

Such behavior is mainly derived from typos or other misconfigurations in the item definitions.
For example you have a capital L in your channel definition.
Hope this helps

Well spotted! And indeed, that was the problem. And since I copy pasted the whole block for each speaker, of course I had the same problem for all my speakers :smiling_imp:
Thanks a lot

Do you also have an idea, why the speakers are still added to the inbox even though I already have things and items for them ?

Because the UID produced by the discovery is different from the UID you declared in your thing file ?