Sony Home Theater systems binding?

Has anyone managed to integrate Sony Home Theatre audio systems to OH ?
I have tried with Sony binding
Managed to get IRCC and WebScalar devices discovered and working, authenticated…but none of those let you control the volume or hdmi input or power on/off the device…so could not get much use of it…
My system is a blueray 5.1 surround system BDV-N9200W and I’m controlling it with Sony SideView android app (even supports WOL, so the app wakes up the device)

As I can see the only thing type that allows control of volume and power is “Simple IP” thing which is only supported for Sony Bravia TV’s, not home cinema systems. I tried to add Simple IP thing but it doesn’t work as expected…

Has anyone managed to get control of volume of those sony devices in openhab? via some other binding or maybe some script, should be able to catch what sideview app is sending to it…

edit: just realized I can issue commands via IRCC and get the valid comands from the map file. will try that

Hi Vanja, I got a similar system BDV-N5200W but I’m not able to get the access code, may I ask you the details how to get the access code ?

Hi Patrick,
I just typed RQST and had to restart openhab service, and home theater had to be on “home page” not in some menu, and not on any HDMI input, then it worked

OK, let me try it again.
Thanks a lot!