Sort order of groups created with PaperUI

Hi all,

while I know that there is currently no way to sort the items in a group when the group is assigned in PaperUI and the group item is included in the sitemap, I wonder if there are plans to implement something that allows us to do so.
I like the PaperUI a lot and have moved (aka. recreated) almost everything that has been defined manually in the items files (OH1…) before.
The sitemap is reduced to a list of groups and I love the flexibility of adding new items or moving things around in the web interface.

Unfortunately that currently results in new items always being added at the bottom in the clients.

Wouldn’t it be possible/desirable, to have a way of ordering these items in groups?
Maybe as simple as having an int representing the sort order, allowing us to edit the order in the web interface?
I’d be quite happy!

Because currently I have a mix of groups defined in PaperUI and others, where I want to control the sort order, still being in the sitemap…

Am I the only one? :slight_smile: