Sorting within the *.items

I have created an *.items file, whih I can use within the paper-UI to add items.
But I don’t understand the sequence of sorting - here my code:

Group g10_10	"10 Flur"   	 <video>     (g10)
Group g10_11	"11 Küche"   	 <video>     (g10)
Group g10_12	"12 Esszimmer"   <video>     (g10)
Group g10_13	"13 Wohnzimmer"  <video>     (g10)
Group g10_14	"14 Wintergarten"<video>     (g10)

Using the Basic-UI the sorting is

Unfortunately, I don’t understand the sequence of the sorting.
Thanks for a hint.

You have no control or ability to predict how Groups will be laid out on Basic and ClassicUI.

If you want to control the order or change any of the defaults you will have to put each Item in your sitemap individually.

I think the order is what ever order the Group’s members get stored in a HashMap which, assuming it is using a good hashing function, means they are stored randomly.

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Adding one more thing. I’ve collected a few Best Practices regarding Sitemaps a while back. You might find them useful: Do i have to use Sitemaps?

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