Sound sink stops working

I am running Openhab 4.1 in Ubuntu (latest version) in an intel i5 desktop
I have set the system speakers as the default sound sink
If I reboot the computer I can get Openhab to play mp3 files placed in the sounds folder for some time with the playsound command in a DSL script. The command is just playsound(“name of file”), then it just stops working. I can go into the sounds folder and double click on the files and the computer will play them.
I also have another sound sink that I reference in the playsound command, that sink keeps working even when the system speaker stops, that command is playsound(“sink name”, “file name”).

Has anyone ran into this problem and been able to solve it?

I also noticed that the volume option for the playsound command does not work, but that is not a big issue.