Source code of standard widgets


does anyone know where to find the source code of the standard widgets included in the Habpanel.

Reason for asking is the following. I would like to build a custom one for roller schutter and blinds but want it to have the look and feel of the default ones and want to have the same backdrop icon customizations etc.

I figured that if I could start from the code of the standard Label widget for example that that would be help me a lot modifying that rather than trying to build one from scratch. There are a few custom ones shared here but they all have a bit different look and feel.

So being able to upload a label standard widget as custom and starting to adapt that would be great.

There you go:

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Hi there,

I´ve seen this topic and don´t want to issue a new one.

Does anyone know how to implement the code files into a custom widget ? I´m using the selection widget for some items. But I´m not satisfied with 2 points:
1.Size and color for “name”
2.Size and color for selection values

I want to modify this in the code, if possible and use it like a custom widget.

Thank you very much.