[SOVLED] Homematic Binding - #CONTROL_MODE does not report info

Hello, I open this topic, because I have a few issues trying to visualize information from Radiator Thrmostat through CCU3 and Openhab.

I cannot see the variable CONTROL_MODE and BOOST_TIME properly. I see a strange String in the CONTROL_MODE and no information in BOOST_TIME.

This is my ITEM files, how I declarate the items:

Number Curr_T_1     "Current temperature [%.1f °C]"  <temperature>
Number Targ_T_1     "Target temperature [%.1f °C]"   <temperature>
Switch Low_Bat_1    "Battery [%s]"   <energy>
Number Act_Prof_1   "Perfil Activo [MAP(modos.map):%s]"   <settings>
String Mod_1        "Modo [%s]"
Switch Mode_Boost   "Boost mode"  <settings>
Number Boost_Countdown      "Boost countdown"    <settings>

And this is my SITEMAPS file:

        Text item=Curr_T_1
        Setpoint item=Targ_T_1 step=0.5 minValue=6 maxValue=30
        Text item=Mod_1 label="Modo [%s]"
        Switch item=Act_Prof_1 icon="calendar" mappings=[1="Tardes ON", 2="Tardes OFF", 3="Apagado"]
        Text item=Low_Bat_1 label="Low battery? [MAP(modos.map):%s]" valuecolor=[Low_Bat_1==Uninitialized="lightgray", ==ON="red", ==OFF="green"]
        Text item=Boost_countdown label="Minutos"
        Switch item=Mode_Boost label="Boost"

There is something wrong in my setup?

Hello @grhosso,

what thermostat do you have? You can check in the paperui what type your item should use. e.g. for me:

Control Mode


Boost Time


For mine these items work.

Number   Thermostat_BoostTime    "Thermostat Remaining Boost time [%d]"  <clock>    (fgTemperature)       {channel="homematic:HmIP-eTRV-2:xxxxx:yyyyy:1#BOOST_TIME"
Number   Thermostat_ControlMode  "Thermostat ControlMode [%d]"                                            {channel="homematic:HmIP-eTRV-2:xxxxx:yyyyy:1#CONTROL_MODE"```

Hello @Schrott.Micha,

I read before that CONTROL_MODE is a String, but I will try with Number, but I have realize that I made a mistake (copy paste) because I did not use the [%d], instead of, I used floating.

I will check it again, and I will let you know.

I have same Items, I only miss the “Dimensionless” characteristic … (Number:Dimensionless)

When I switch from AUTO to MANUAL, the MODE return always 0.

BTW, I have the Standard Radiator Thermostat from Homematic, (with the wheel)

Well, I do not get any info in the channel. I have open a topic in Homematic forum, because I think is an issue from Homematic, and not from Openhab. When I switch the Mode, there is not info in the channel, no changes…




I always use the Paperui - to see what configuration is used for the channel, and what type the channel returns.

You can also check the XML-API - if you install the xml-api plugin.