Space for Hardware Deals

Hello guys!

Do you think that could be interesting to have a section to share hardware deals?

I’m always looking for deals to increase and update my hardware, but the day is short :slightly_frowning_face:

I thought that maybe other members could like the idea of having something like Hardware/Device Deals, where we can share our findings :grinning:

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Much of hardware, especially Z-Wave is region-specific. For instance, here in the US, Zooz Z-Wave switches are inexpensive and work well. They will not work in the EU due to voltage & Z-Wave frequency differences.

It’s still a good idea, I think. But the idea has been turned down in the past. I can’t remember the reason.
@Kai ?

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I didn’t know that idea was on the table before.

I think it could be useful because you may also get some feedback from current users

I think the Hardware Home Automation category is where that sort of thing is expected to be posted. One of the things we have to be careful with is that it doesn’t become spammy. For something like this, the difference between spam and not becomes fuzzy.


Good to know :+1: