Speed of Z-Wave updates

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3
    • OS: Openhabian
    • openHAB version:2.3
  • Issue of the topic: It tooks in Wall Switch up to several minutes to update OpenHAB state after manual turn ON/OFF

Hi, I’m trying to synchronize all lamps in the room with Wall Switch (turning all lights by one button). Everything works fine when I turn ON/OFF light from Paper UI Control Screen, however when I use physical button main light turn on immediately but there is no state change in OpenHAB so rule cannot be executed. It tooks several minutes to change the state in OpenHAB and trigger the rule.

I’m using Zipato In-Wall Switch (https://www.zipato.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/ph-pan04-Zipato-Micro-Module-Switch-Double-User-Manual-v1.4.pdf) I tried to decrease pooling time to every 1 minute (but OpenHAB limits me to only 10 minutes)

Any idea what to do to get faster updates of device state in OpenHAB?

From the looks, the manual and the name, it seems very similar to the Philio PAN04.
In that case, I am sorry but you have to prepare for some bad news.

First, a couple of steps back.
In order to get status updates from a device, you need to be sure that the device is sending an event to the controller.
This means that you need to have an association – usually it’s called something like “lifeline”, and usually it’s set automatically when you include the device.

However, the PAN04 is a bit tricky. Essentially, it can send you updates about one of the switches only. You decide: either one, or the other, but not both. The “both” specified on the documentation essentially does not work, because it will not tell which of the switches was touched.
At least, that’s my experience with the Philio. Maybe Zipato is better, but somehow I doubt…

Thank you @rliffredo for the information.

In practice - this seems to be a good news. I need to associate all lamps with only one switch (second is less important).

So could you tell me two things:

  • If I change configuration to only one switch (let’s call it Switch 2) would OpenHAB get slow updates from Switch 1 (as it’s right now - I assume during the pooling but I could be wrong)
  • Which parameters needs to be changed to apply the change?

If we are talking about the same device, then the update is pretty fast – usually, just a couple of seconds.

To set the association:

  • Go to Paper UI
  • Edit the thing with your zwave module
  • Go to “Association groups”
  • On “Relay 2” (and only on relay 2!), select “Controller”
  • Save

Thanks @rliffredo - I’ve followed your instruction and I have configuration as following:

I face the problem with persistence of Relay 2 Association Group - I’m setting up openHAB controller but after re-opening of openHAB Paper UI the field is empty. Is this a way how it suppose to work?

Currently the time between physical button switch and change is openHAB is 5 min. Is this minimal time or should be much shorter?

The time should be much shorter. It’s not real time, but it should be much, much shorter.
Personally, I have a bunch of PAN06; they are about the same thing, but without the information about the power consumption.
And they have the very same limitation (with my great frustration :/)

The scenario you are describing, I got it working today (just tested to be sure).
I am using 2.4 M4, where there was a big improvement on the zwave binding. Maybe you might want to try that?

Did you update to milestone release?
Was that helpful?