Speedtest stopped working after update

I have 2 openhab both on Ubuntu 20.04, two different houses.
everything working but three days ago speedtest stopped working (timeout) and grafana was not showing down and up rates anymore.

Any hint?


what was updated ( from ? to ? )

Actually… nothing.
This is the screenshot from Grafana:

After that, nothing. And I was abroad, so nothing has been updated.

NB: forget the mention about 2 systems, I was going to post another issue, meaning that on the 2nd (new installation on second house), I have the same result (timeout) even trying installation from scratch. speedtest works if I launch it from ssh (and choose the best server), but if I set it on openhab, it goes timeout…

Is there any particular log I should check in?

What did you update ? From which to which version ?
Check the openhab.log and the events.log file for error messages.

As I said, nothing updated.
I’m an IT guy, so I’m the first who would not believe it, said by the user, but no changes has been made at THAT time…
openhab is now on 2.5.9

Just to have a clean start for debugging… as I probably now mixed up with the newest solution I found (OOKLA)…
How ca I revert to the “original” speedtest cli that ships with openhab?

I would assume everything is in the binding?

Did you have a specific error message?

no, just the timeout. Now I just had a positive result using the url in the documentation.
I guess the server locked me out for trying every 15 mins… but I use it to monitor the performances.
Will use the second system to test the “new” OOKLA method. even if seems that Ubuntu 20.04 is not supported…