Spirirt Z-Wave Plus thermostat not reaching set temperature

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(RadekG.) #1

I’m new to the whole home automation thing so maybe I’m making a simple mistake somewhere… I don’t think it’s really an openhab issue but maybe hardware…
I have a spirit z-wave plus thermostat and I’m using it with external temperature sensor.

I have my temperature set to 22C. External sensor is sending 20C. Spirit is showing current temperature as 20.5C and the valve at 0%. It’s completely closed, so no heating, the room will never reach 22C.

If I either send external temperature 15C or set target temperature to 28C then the valve will open 100%.

My question is, why isn’t it heating up the room to set 22C?

(Rich Koshak) #2

It sounds like the valve direction needs to be inverted. I’d guess that the thermostat things it needs to turn the valve to 0% to heat and 100% to turn off the heat. But I’m just guessing. I’ve no experience with this sort of configuration.

Often there is a parameters on the Thing you can send to the device to invert the direction like this.

(RadekG.) #3

I don’t think that’s it. When the valve is at 100% it’s fully open.

I might have solved it, though. I was sending external temperature to it with 3 decimal places (so for ex. 20.245 C). I now round it up to just 1 decimal place (so 20.2). I’ve also messed with other settings, reset the whole thing etc., so I’m not 100% sure what helped. It seems it started working correctly. At least for now.