SPIRIT Radiator control - cant get it working

I just got a SPIRIT Radiator Zwave radiator control. I follow the installation guide on the controller, and I got It bound in bindings in OpenHAB.
But openhab reports: The device is not in the database.

The Thing says it is zwave:device:e6753daf
How to get this thing properly bound ?

The device needs to be added to the zwave database here.

Super - Tanks.

I just registred myself, and did search for the device, which is alreddy registred, but waiting review.

If i export it from the dataase - how do I import that in my openHAB ?

You will need to either upgrade your OH to the 2.2 SNAPSHOT after Chris adds it to the DB or uninstall the version of the binding that comes with your version of OH and install the latest snapshot of the binding manually.

Ohh OK I am at the 2.2 SNAPSHOT, so I “just” needs to wait on Chris does his magic ?

Pretty much. He is usually really responsive. It should not take more than a couple of days.


Does anybody gets the radiator working?
I installed the ZWave Binding SNAPSHOT and he find the radiator at the database.
I need an externel reference temperature but i dont get the radiator work…
I turned “Measured Temperature report” to 0 and “Measured Temperature offset” to 128

So the radiator dont change the closing level when i turned the temperature above oder under the setpoint via Openhab…