Spotify x Google Home x Openhab

Hi I try to send a Spotify playlist from Openhab to my google home / Chromecast …
I tried with the Chromecast binding but I don’t think I can send Spotify url

Then I tried with the Spotify beta binding but when I tell openhab to play on specific device id nothing happen ( unless I already select this device from my phone in the last 5 minutes )

Thank you

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Do you found any solution?

A workaround to do it might be using a Spotify music converter to help you get local music files and play them on your Googe Home through Openhab

I have tried a professional Spotify music converter to download Spotify songs as local files but it limits converting one minute file of each Spotify song. I need to purchase this tool to get the full songs until I join DRmare 2020 Halloween Party to get this tool for free by playing games in this activity.
Now, I can play Spotify music from Openhab to Google Home with ease.

I got an alternative method that can solve this issue temporarily. I use a Spotify to mp3 converter to get Spotify mp3 downloads. Then play these Spotify mp3 files on Googe Home through Openhab.

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Thanks for everyone, seems I need a Spotify Music Converter to help me solve this problem.