Squeez server

hi everyone,
I was wondering if it’s possible to install a squeeze server on the same machine (Raspberry pi) as where the openhab is installed on.
There it is al new to me and i am stille discovering linux , openhab …, the raspberry pi is maybe temporary and it’s possible that i install a linux pc for my home automation, the reason is that for now i had openremote but it’s now the second sd card that had gone bad, and the work on the different phone’s, tablet, pc give me a reason to cheked there something better.

i hope i can get some tips

greatings Steven

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Not sure I understand what questions you have. Maybe this will help:

The LMS (Logitech Media Server) doesn’t consume much, even when playing music, so I would expect you can run it on the same host as openHAB. Not sure if you’ve seen piCorePlayer, but that’s another option where you can host a squeeze player and server on the same RPi.

i have installed the LMS on the same raspberry pi as openhab is and i can acces it on the webpage, but i can’t see the music files i stored on a USB drive.
i mounted the drive to a directory called /media/usb and when i go to systemsettings on the LMS i can select the previous folder ,but when i scan no files are detected.

Can it be permission issue, i gave a chmod 777 to it , just for testing ?
When i cd into /media/usb i can list the mp3 files.

The USB drive is formated as ntfs.

Not sure. It could be a permissions issue. Did you try restarting the LMS? Is there anything helpful in the LMS log files?

Hi, do you know max2play?
There you can install an LMS and openhab very easy.
I never tried, but this might help.