Squeezbox (logitech media server) and homekit


I’m using the Homekit binding for switching lights on and off, and I also added the homekit metadata to start my two SB radios by simple using the switchable character.

But I havn’t found any possibility to turn the volume higher or lower!?

Does anyone control there squeezeboxes with this bindings?
It would be great if you can give me some hints, which metadata characters I have to use for the basic funktionality of my SB radios!

BR, Martin

But I havn’t found a solution to control

Welcome to the community. I don’t use either of these things, but it sounds like you’ve created power items for your Squeezeboxes (with the Homekit metadata). Now you have to do the same thing for the other channels that you want to control. So for volume, you’ll need to make a number item that’s linked to the volume channel (with the appropriate Homekit metadata).


Thanks for your help!
As described in the link, my Volume Item is type Dimmer.
So this should be right!?

Which metadata type should I use?

Your volume item can’t be a dimmer. It has to be a number that’s attached to a thing’s dimmer channel. I just want to clarify that terminology, as it’s often confusing for new users.

The Homekit documentation shows the accessory types you can define. I guess you would just use speaker.

Note in the examples how the metadata relates to the columns in the accessory table. The examples are shown in text-based configuration, but the metadata options will be the same in items you create in the UI.

There’s no example for speaker, but you can discern the metadata pattern from looking at another example such as Lighting. For a speaker, you’ll need to have a group item, the mandatory mute item, and your optional volume item.

That’s as much help as I can provide, since I don’t use Homekit and don’t have any Apple devices.

Hmm…so now I‘m confused!
Yes I am a beginner, but I thought my terminology is right!?
So let me share more details of my setup.

I have a Thing called Squeezbox Küche, which is the Player

It has a channel for every function

At the Volume Channel I linked an Item called Radio Küche Volume

And this Item has the type Dimmer

Sorry, you’re correct. Your volume item absolutely can be a dimmer.

I confused myself thinking about something entirely different.

No problem, I wasn‘t sure either!
But now I‘m not one step forward…

Anyone who has an other hint?


The setup seems to be correct to me. The Squeezebox is a THING which has many channels. Each channel (in our case here it is the Volume channel) can have multiple items with different types. The latter is sometimes confusing in the beginning. Basically you can send commands via the item to the channel. In the case of the volume channel it can receive ON and OFF (which turns the squeezebox on or off) and it can also receive a number from 0 to 100 which controls the volume.

My setup therefore is to have TWO items created and linked to that channel, so you can use both in the UI. I created a SWITCH Item linked to the volume channel and I created a second Item with the type DIMMER (which is basically a slider) which links to the same channel.

To be honest here, my Squeezebox is connected to an amplifier (which is usually the case) and I rather control the volume of the amplifier (setup the same way with a Dimmer channel) than the volume of the squeezebox which I usually keep on 100%.

Hope that helps…

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Yes, that works!
I do the same in the UI!
But the Dimmer type doesn‘t appear in Homekit