Squeezebox binding not starting

Hi there,

I am using openhab1 with my rasbperry pi and I try to install squeezbox binding. Server and player are set up and work fine.
I have installed

  • openhab-addon-binding-squeezebox
  • openhab-addon-action-squeezebox

This is part of my openhab.cfg

### Squeezebox Action and Binding ###

IP adress of media server is different to default port because i use my synology nas as media server and the preinstalled package uses another port.

Of course the placeholders are replaced with IP and MAC Adress…

When I start openhab nothing of the squeezebox binding is shown in the logfiles.

Did I forget a step that is necessary to get squeezebox binding working?

IIRC you will also need the openhab-addon-io-squeezebox

thanks @Oli for the solution. seems to work fine now!