Squeezebox Binding: playFavourite channel missing

Hi all,

The channel list on my OH PaperUI is missing the “playFavourite” channel meaning I can’t create a dropdown selection list. All other channels listed on the binding info page are present, it’s just this one!

Has it been removed from recent version?


It hasn’t been removed.

What version of openHAB are you running, and how long ago did you add the squeeze player thing? The reason I ask is because the thing may not contain that channel if the thing was created before the play favorite functionality was added to the binding.

I’m running 2.5.9 - updated to this just last week.

The squeezebox thing was added a long time ago, well over a year. I added them and then did nothing with it but now looking to implements rules and control.

Try deleting the player thing, then readd it. I would expect the channel to show up.

Yep, that’s got it!

Many thanks!

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