Squeezebox display coverart


In OpenHAB2, how to display the coverart image in basic UI for the Squeezebox binding?
The item seems to contain a binary image and not an url.

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Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to this, we could add a new channel which is the URL of the coverart, but you can not set a image widget source to a dynamic URL. Unfortunately the RawType which contains the image data does not have any widget which can display it. I think I assumed when I wrote it that there would be such a widget, but unfortunately that has not happened. I would be open to suggestions :wink:

Thanks @digitaldan for your answer.

Now, I understand why it’s not working.

It’s not a big issue at all but it would be a great enhancement maybe for other binding too (Sonos ?).

My understanding is that we need ESH new dev. So not so easy…


Then it is urgently time to at least enter an issue about it, otherwise it will never happen, right?

I can, I am unsure about how the RawType is suppose to be used, AFAIK the squeezebox binding is the only thing using this type, so maybe its not the appropriate use case? I’ll open a ticket up for discussion.

Hi all,

for a Web-View I’m working on I would need the URL of the image. Would it be possible to add this (@digitaldan)? The static current cover url provided by LMS won’t refresh via js - even with cache buster …

Thus the real URL would solve this nicely & the cache would work for, not against me ;-).

Thanks for the great work and kind regards,

I honestly don’t remember where image support is in the squeeze binding, I have not contributed to it in some time. @mhilbush maybe knows as he has most recently updated it?


  • ServerHandler gets the artwork_track_id in the status message from LMS
  • Causes coverArtChangeEvent method to be invoked for the player with the image URL
  • Caused PlayerHandler to fetch the image data from LMS, then create a RawType object from the data, then update the coverart channel with the RawType

I’ve not been following the discussion about images/coverart. I’ve also not used the Squeezebox coverart channel. But I can take a look.

Hi Dan @digitaldan & Mark @mhilbush,

thank you for the contributions and your feedback. The URL would be nice feature; but i managed to create a client side cache buster that works. Thus can use the static current url of LMS.

A little hack, thus the feature would be nice but not a show stopper for my little widget :slight_smile: .
Would be an enhancement - but the current issue is solved with this.

again, many thanks & kind regards,

Getting something working as standard for this would be great for anyone who can’t do a hack…

some hints for noobs ? :smiley:

The old squeezebox binding on OH1.x used to serve the CoverArt as a string being the URL of the image. Maybe the v2.x binding needs to be changed to do the same? Having the URL makes it a lot easier to work with.

I updatet to snapshot 2.3 #1231 today and now i get errors for the image-item of the cover.

With the old version (before the changes made in #1230) it worked with this configuration.

I get “missing eof at image”.

Any ideas?

Fix should be in the next snapshot.

Should be fixed in #1232.

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Hi All

This is my first post in this forum, Looking at moving over form SmartThings and I’m testing out some of the features I would like.
I have been struggling with getting Album Art form the squeezebox binding to work in anything but the paper UI.

The online documentation is not clear on the item type Image.

I have added this to my .items file:

Image FF_Study_Squeezebox “Squeezebox Receiver” (FF_Study, gSqueezebox) {channel=“squeezebox:squeezeboxplayer:XXXXXXXX:YYYY:coverartdataImage”}

But I don’t get any album Art just an empty line in the basic UI

I have the volume and power channel / links working fine.

Any help would be much appriciated


Try just coverartdata instead of coverartdataImage

Hi Mark

Thanks for your help that solved it after a bit of fiddling around, I had to delete my .items file and exit out to the dashboard view, re save the .items and go back into the basic UI.

Thanks again.