Squeezebox IR

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I try to get the last IR code from my Squeezeboxes using OH 2.1 & the respective binding:

String ItemRadioIRCodeKueche "IR Code (Küche) [%s]" <remote> (GroupRadioIRCode) {

Other squeezebox channels work ok; anybody managed to get this working?
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I’ve never used this, but I took a quick look at the code. I’m not quite sure why irCodeChangeEvent calls postCommand when every other change event calls updateChannel.

@digitaldan By any chance, do you remember why irCodeChangeEvent is handled differently than the other change events?

Strange, I have no idea why its like that, but it does not look right. Also irCodeChangeEvent is a good candidate for a trigger channel since I don’t think is makes sense to store state here or tie it to a item. I think the idea is that you trigger a rule when a new ir code event comes in. . So we would change the thing channel definition to

<channel-type id="ircode" advanced="true">
  <label>IR Code</label>
  <description>Trigger channel for the last IR code sent (string)</description>

The code would change to:

 if (isMe(mac)) {
  triggerChannel(CHANNEL_IRCODE, ircode);

and then rules would look like

rule "IR Code"
        Channel "squeezebox:squeezeboxplayer:D841762A-D007-4609-988D-EC0A58A82A56:DEADBEEEF:ircode" triggered
        logInfo("TEST","IR Code Received " + receivedEvent.event);


I hadn’t thought about setting it up as a trigger event, but that makes really good sense.

@patrik_gfeller Does that make sense for the use case you were trying to accomplish?

Thank you for your reply - do I understand correctly; the example given does not work yet with the current 2.1.0 binding (@ least it did not work for me).

I could use this to update the item … but using the known pattern of just having an item bound to the channel would be prefered - but that would work as well:

val fileName = "IR.rules"

rule "IR Code Küche"
    Channel "squeezebox:squeezeboxplayer:D841762A-D007-4609-988D-EC0A58A82A56:DEADBEEF:ircode" triggered
    logInfo(fileName,"IR: " + receivedEvent.event)

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Correct. The functionality described above doesn’t exist yet.

Shall I create an Issue for this? If so, can you please point me to the correct location?

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