Squeezebox Player Status never updated

Hi there,

I’m using a Logitech Media Server Version 7.7.6 and a Squeezebox Classic (modelId “squeezebox3”) with the Squeezebox Binding from openHAB 2.5.11.

The problem is that the player is never reported to be offline even when it has no power. I initially added the player via PaperUI. Later I did the same via textual configuration with the same result:

Bridge squeezebox:squeezeboxserver:myServer [ ipAddress="", webport=9002, cliport=9090 ]
    Thing squeezeboxplayer SqueezeBoxLiving [ mac="00:04:xx:xx:xx:xx" ]

(I used the correct MAC in lower case chars :wink:)

The result was the same (player always ONLINE, never OFFLINE).

Is the status of the player taken from the device or via the server? I thought this was caused by the server never reporting the player as OFFLINE - but as soon as I cut the power to the player the server says “no player available” in the web UI.

I even tried to restart the Squeezebox binding when the player was unplugged. But even then the thing was immediately ONLINE.

Any ideas?

Currently, the only scenario that causes a player to be marked OFFLINE is when the bridge goes OFFLINE. The bridge will go OFFLINE when the configuration is wrong/incomplete, or when the bridge loses the connection to the LMS. Not ideal, but that’s the way the binding works today.

Thanks Mark, no worries!
I worked around this by just using a timer to play a stream after switching on the power for the player.