Squeezebox song rating feature for streaming services

I added like/unlike functionality to the Squeezebox binding. This enables the rating feature for songs played from remote streaming services (e.g. Pandora). There are two new channels on the player thing - like and unlike. Sending a command to one of those channels causes the binding to send the proper like/unlike command to the LMS.

I’ve tested it with Pandora and Slacker and it’s been working well for me. I’m not sure if any other streaming services support a rating feature. If there are other services that support rating, since the LMS supplies the like/unlike commands, those other services also should work without any changes.

If anyone is interesting in trying it out, the jar is located here. Any feedback is welcome.

Edit: Note that the new channels are advanced, and that you need to delete and readd the player things to pick up the new channels.

Edit 2: In case anyone wants thumbs up and thumbs down icons, here you go.

100x100 pixels

c_thumbs_up c_thumbs_down

Or if you would prefer the icons in green and red.

c_thumbs_up_green c_thumbs_down_red