Squeezebox, TTS and Volume

Hi folks,

I’m currently setting up my squeezebox installation with openhab.

Using the karaf console, I’m able to “smarthome:voice say Test” to a squeezebox audio sink set as default openhab audiosink.

The volume is set to zero after playback of the notification finished.
Running the say command for each sink results in serial processing.

However, I’d like:

  • to send the TTS notification to all available / online players simultaneously
  • the player to keep the previous volume when the notification was played

What do I have to do to get to this goal? I suspect I need to group the players in order to reach goal no 1?

Thanks and best regards

I am using the say command in a rule and it mutes kindly whatever music is playing, says whatever it needs to say (at the volume specified) and resumes with original music and volume settings.

as my players are all synch’ed, i use one player in the say command, but all players maintain synchronization. Not sure if you can overcome the serialization without having the players in synch mode. But if you want, you can synch your players from a rule, say something and unsynch them again. Only powered on players will “say” something.