Squeezeplayer loses connection to LMS

Hello all,

I use openhab 2 together with LMS on my Raspberry Pi 3. On a tablet I have habpanel running in my Firefox browser. The tablet is connected to loudspeakers through headphone connection.

In habpanel I have a Radio control widget with Play/Pause button and the possibility of choosing a radio channel. Everything works fine as long the Squeezeplayer app has the connection (wlan) to my LMS on the Raspberry.

Unfortunately the connection will get lost a few minutes after pressing the Pause button. I can restore the connection by calling up the Squeezeplayer app, but I don’t want to close my firefox browser and call the Squeezplayer app every time when I want to hear music.

Is there any option of having a permanent connection between the Squeezeplayer app and the LMS on the Raspberry or any chance to connect them through habpanel?

Any help is really appreciated.


Really no idea?
Or do you need additional information?