Squeezeplayer turn of and on

Hello folks

I’ve been having a little issues here and there, but now I’m finally on the homestrech for my squeezeplayers. For several years ago I got a hole lot of HP thin clients when we replaced the at work, and I needed audio player in severalrooms and expandning my sosnos system felt just to expensive especially considering Sonos eger to kill old componentes or stop develop ther new app for old players…

I just got i all setup wit Tinycore Linux 12MB with extensions for ssh and other small stuff and squeezelite 1.9.8 running al under 100mb i runtime in ram memory. All my players bootr to same core and just copy diffrent squeezelite configurations depending on their ip adress. I use networkbinding and exec binding for turning on via wake on lan and power down via a ssh in an shell script. I also made a rule so i I power off my player in logitec media server it will fire ssh shutdown.

The one and only thing I still need to fix if it’s possible is to let logitec media server remember my players kind of harcoded so i can use Power on in Logitec media server. Do anyone know if it could be possible?