SSD and OH 2.5

Hi have anyone succeeded to install OH 2.5 /root on SSD?

Tried different tuts without success.
The best try was with a buster and manual install of 2.5. But it is very slow and started behave very strange after restoring a BU from 2.4

Any suggestions?
Best regs

I installed root on SSD and removed the SD card when I was on OH 2.4 using the doc’s from raspberry pi. I have upgraded to 2.5 and no issues.

I can try to find the exact link for instructions that I used if you like.

What bindings are part of the restore, as some have changed?

The procedure may vary depending on your hardware. I am sure people are running OH on SSDs in PCs with no issue.

If you are trying on a Raspberry Pi the process may vary depending on the model and possibly the firmware.

Please give us more details when asking questions next time. We may be knowledgeable but we are not mind readers.

tnx, will check the bindings and start again with a fresh installation on RPi 4.

I am using my RPi 4 on SSD without problems.

For me the easiest way to move from SD-Card to SSD was a Script from the forum.

Maybe worth a look.

Things may have changed a bit but when I was moving to SSD it was mentioned that not all SSD cases worked with the Pi. Here’s a link the the case I use and have bought several more since.

For just a USB to SATA cable this is a good one.

For the SSD I’ve been using a PNY 128gig that’s work great for some time now.

When I moved over to SSD I flashed a fresh image with Etcher and used openhab-cli backup and restore to get everything running.

Hope this info helps.