Ssd disconnected - openHAB not reachable

my “stable” setup runs on SSD (moved to SSD via openhabian some time ago) and today somebody disconnected said SSD while openHAB was running. i disconnected the pi an re-attached the SSD but i can’t reach openhab anymore, can’t see it on my router, too…

how can i restore my setup?
my new setup (ZRAM, no SSD) is not finished yet, i stil need to move some items and all my rules :frowning:

A common method is to use your configuration backups. which were stored elsewhere.

Once you have a running setup you can mount your ssd and copy files.

Like @Bruce_Osborne say though this is the time backups should be used.


Is your pi reachable? With other words, is your linux booting correctly?

  1. If not reachable why not? Where does it hang?
    Attach a screen and following the startup sequence is a good start.

  2. If it’s reachable, can you login to console, and check the logs of openHAB?
    The openhab.log and event.log are very good to see what’s (not) going on…

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omfg… SSD was not properly connected to the ports inside the USB case…
came in my mind during the night… opened case, gave the a SSD a bump and “click” - it’s up and running again.
backups are in place on nas!

anyway… thank you very much for your fast help!


If you do not already have them, now is a good time to have off-server config backups.


amanda works with my unraid server so worst case is covered!

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