SSE for Sitemap

Hi there,

Is this: implemented in OH 2.0?
It’s not working for me.
I am registering via POST on /rest/sitemaps/events/subscribe and using the subscriptionId for an GET to http://localhost:8080/rest/sitemaps/events/dbda41b1-9680-4112-b837-fa9b83f651c7.
But for every GET on a sitemap via http://localhost:8080/rest/sitemaps/demo/0202?subscriptionid=dbda41b1-9680-4112-b837-fa9b83f651c7 i am not getting SSE events on the first GET request.

Is this wrong?
@Kai: Can you help?

I’d suggest you use the Chrome Developer Tools to check out what requests the Basic UI is doing. This is successfully using this feature for all content updates.

Thanks, it works now, but
In the initial request the id of a widget is 00010000_0_0_1,
while in the sse call the id for the same widget is 000100000001
How is this to be interpreted?

ok, i found a way to handle it.
Is there a way to receive events for multiple pageIDs with one connection?
Is there a wiki/description for this SSE sitemap feature?