SSH Connection

Alright, this is the weirdest thing. I was having a similar problem, thought it was fixed, but ended up reloading the box from scratch. But now its happening again.

  • I have a fresh build of the 1.8.3 build.
  • Machine is running fine and i can access habmin and also the sitemap.
  • When I try to ssh to it from MobaXterm and Putty the session will not load. You launch it and it just says session stopped. Will not give me any prompt. Same way I spent the day yesterday going in and out.
  • Was working fine yesterday as I built it out. Not sure what I did to that triggered that but its quite not fun.

Anyone what is happening and how to fix this? I do not want to have to rebuild that box again!


I don’t think this is an OH specific thing. I’m not sure what could be the problem. You might try Kitty instead of Putty but frankly I’ve no idea what could cause this.

If you run the following do you see /usr/sbin/sshd -D in the list?

ps -elf | grep sshd

You will probably have to plug in a keyboard and monitor if you are running the server headless.

Hey Rick, thanks. Yeah, i cannot get in to run anything. I was going to try to plug it in and see if I can get the gui up. I can try that command from there. Yeah, agree, not sure this is openhab but that was what I was working on when it just decided not let me back in.

I did some reading and this sounds like its unrecoverable. That really stinks. Seems like changing permissions on /etc can cause this. That sounds about right. I think I was making a change and needed to change permissions on etc about the time this happened.

Ouch! Those soft brickings suck. Maybe can boot the device off another drive (usb stick etc) mount the normal drive as secondary and fix perms that way?

Did you install openssh-server after rebuilding? If ‘ps ax |grep sshd’ only returns your single request then the daemon isn’t running and/or you may not have it installed.