SSH continously loosing connection

after I installed Samba on my rpi3 (Jessie) I noticed that SSH is making serious trouble. SSH connection can be established and even works for a very short time - but after only two or three commands it slows down dramatically and then dies completely.

I tried changing the port of SSH assuming there might be a conflict with the one used by Samba. Without success. I then removed Samba. Again without a change. Accessing openHAB on port 8080 still works fine though.

I’m not absolutely sure if the problem really wasn’t there before I installed Samba. But I think I would have noticed.

Has anybody a useful hint or even a solution?

I had a similar experience before and changing the SD Card resolved the issue

That’s what I did today - I took a new SD card and put a new Rasbian image on it. But again the same problem with SSH !!!

Now I connected the raspberry directly to the ethernet instead of using WLAN - and this way it suddenly works :open_mouth:.

What can be wrong that SSH fails on WLAN but works over ethernet?

It could be a weak connection to the WiFi. I’ve also had similar problems on my Zero using a nano WiFi adapter in the room furthest from my router