SSH from Openhab Docker Container

Is the only way of getting SSH into a docker container still to make my own DockerFile image and built it manually each release?

That sounds a little clumsy to me. Thankfully upgrades aren’t that often.

I was looking at trying to run some ssh commands via switch to operate on a host.

The Dockerfile is on GitHub. Depending on what exactly you want, start looking here.

The only mentions of ssh on github were for incomming connections to karaf, no mention of outbound ssh connections. I’d checked that before making the forum post

They are using Debian 10.4 slim ad a basis. What does that say? You are asking about an OS feature, not an openHAB one.

It is quite easy to install an extra program on the openhab docker image. If you go to there is a section that explains how to run a shell script before openhab starts. You easily include the commands to install an ssh client on the image.

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