SSL Load Error

Hello together,

I have the problem, that when I access the openHAB Server via SSL, the sitemap does not load.
So I configured the server via the URL “https://[ip]:8443” and allowed untrusted SSL-Certificates.
When I launch the app, only a white screen appears and I have to click on the settings tab and then click save to load the sitemaps.
There are no problems with SSL, when I access the openHAB-Server via a Desktop-Browser.
Currently I am using the App Version and iOS 10.3.

Thanks for your help!

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Unfortunately 1.7.4 is really old. My first recommendation would be to upgrade to at least 1.8.3, though 2.0 would be even better as development on 1.8 is done and OH 1.x is basically end of life. All bug fixes and improvements are now only being made on the 2.0 version.

The phone apps are currently being updated and modified assuming it is connecting to OH 2 so there might have been a recent change in how it loads sitemaps that broke access to older OH servers.

Sorry I meant the iOS App with the Version
openHAB is running with the newest openHAB 2.0-1 Release.

OK, that makes more sense. I didn’t remember there being a 1.7.4 version of OH. :slight_smile:

When you connect and it has the blank screen, if you press the sitemaps menu do you see your sitemap(s) listed?

No, I dont see my sitemaps.
I have tested this also with a complete new openHAB 2 Installation, but that doesnt work too.

At this point all I can recommend is filing an issue with the iOS app github.

Now I opened an Issue in Github

Do you know who is responsible for the openHAB iOS project?

Nobody is responsible, but @digitaldan tries to look after it from time to time. If you are interested in helping on the project as a maintainer, please let us know - we definitely need somebody who invests some time into it!