Stability of myopenhab & google home for everyday use

(B K) #21

If you (and others) are willing to pay for an improved experience, then perhaps rather than make multi-tiered, paid access levels (and add to the maintainers’ already heavy load), we should all consider donating to the project, or even joining the openHAB foundation for a more regular financial support. I bet if more users did this, the maintainers would be able to scale up the service, and benefit everyone.

(Kim Andersen) #22

Its a good idea… However, joining the foundation is not a simple and easy task in my opinion. It actually require something most people wouldnt normally accept. And it´s really sad cause I believe alot of people would donate if it could be done in a more suitable way.

Another option is to host your cloud yourself. I think there is a guide somewhere here in the community to do so. But it wont do much good, if the internet connection is the reason to blame. The cloud still need a stable connection.

(Stefan Haupt) #23

the google home action is not supported with a self hosted cloud. so if you want your google home to control devices managed by OH, you are forced to take the official openhab-cloud. Writing your own google action is not a real alternative.