Stability of myopenhab & google home for everyday use

(B K) #21

If you (and others) are willing to pay for an improved experience, then perhaps rather than make multi-tiered, paid access levels (and add to the maintainers’ already heavy load), we should all consider donating to the project, or even joining the openHAB foundation for a more regular financial support. I bet if more users did this, the maintainers would be able to scale up the service, and benefit everyone.

(Kim Andersen) #22

Its a good idea… However, joining the foundation is not a simple and easy task in my opinion. It actually require something most people wouldnt normally accept. And it´s really sad cause I believe alot of people would donate if it could be done in a more suitable way.

Another option is to host your cloud yourself. I think there is a guide somewhere here in the community to do so. But it wont do much good, if the internet connection is the reason to blame. The cloud still need a stable connection.

(Stefan Haupt) #23

the google home action is not supported with a self hosted cloud. so if you want your google home to control devices managed by OH, you are forced to take the official openhab-cloud. Writing your own google action is not a real alternative.

(Bob Thompson) #24

HI - I’m new here. I’ve been using Openhab2 for a few months now. Thanks to all for the great work on this project.

I have been experiencing the same concerns in this thread. I can live with the few seconds delay sometimes when asking Google Home to turn something on or off, but the “can’t reach Openhab” thing is a bit more of a problem.

My take on this is it is not a problem with my Openhab setup or my ISP Internet connection. The reason I say this is because Google will take 10 or 15 seconds and say it can’t reach openhab, but then the action I requested will still happen, maybe many seconds later. This indicates to me that Google is timing out waiting for Openhab to acknowledge the request (Google will wait 5 seconds, this I know because I have written Google actions). However, Openhab has obviously received the request and executes it it since it eventually works which indicates latency in the pipeline, rather than broken connectivity issues.

I also see fairly frequent connection drops and reconnects with the cloud service in my Openhab personal server logs. These usually last 30 seconds to a couple minutes. They don’t correspond to any known internet connectivity issues in my house (1GB FIOS connection). They also don’t seem to correspond to times where I’ve had the “can’t reach Openhab” issue.

I moved from HCA to Openhab2 to get more devices supported since I am moving off of X10. I never had this latency problem with HCA, the response from Google requests was always pretty much instant. The only difference in configuration was that HCA was running on my same home server but using HCA’s cloud rather than Openhab’s.

I understand this isn’t a “support forum”. However, we are using a service, and if we rely on it to control our home we need a way to get “support”. I don’t know what that means. I would be very willing to pay $ for the service to be able to get support, or at least ensure that the service is being supported. I would also be willing to contribute my time to help the implementation of the cloud service.

I’d like to do more than just shrug about this. I’ve been doing some cool things with Openhab I’m getting ready to contribute to the community, but if I can’t get a reliable operation I can encourage my wife to use I am going to be forced to move my development and implementation efforts and time to another platform.

(Micael ) #25

Yes, I’m seeing this as well - not every day, but maybe once every second week I get google reporting that it could not reach openhab right now. Sometimes the command still works. My internet connection is not something I’d consider be part of this problem, since I never have issues anywhere else (1Gbit fiber, and high throughputs, and I’m in Europe). My assumption is the workload of the oh cloud servers time to time is casuing this. But I have no clue if this is the true cause though. Most times, the google commands are surprisingly quick. Also I would not mind paying a fee if it helps.