Stability of myopenhab & google home for everyday use


I’m using openhab with google home for 4 days.
From last 2 days including today the connection with myopenhab is not good.
Maybe 1 of 5 attemps of turning on the light is working in google home.
Google home also all the time says cant connect to openhab…

Is this temporary or this free service cloud do not have a good stability?
Is there any(could be paid) good working alternative?

nvm, please delete this post.

Hmmm, why?
I am not pushing you away, I am trying to get more information from you without asking 2 million questions.
Maybe you need to explain your circumstances with more details so that we can actually help.

We love to help but you haven’t given up much to start with apart that you have a problem.
It’s like asking “I have a problem” but I don’t know what problem and more important I don’t know WHY because I don’t know the background.

The question is only about the stability of cloud. is it mine problem or this cloud is not good.?
i’ve searched more and see that many other users have a problem with cloud service and the only one alternative for this is to make own cloud.
So in conclusion i think i try homeassistant with their paid cloud.

The service is normally very good and getting better.

hmm, thanks , i will wait to end of this week with changes

I use openhab cloud as well as Google Home every day… And it´s very stable and have been for some weeks now… We had a period late last year where it was unstable. Someone made some changes on the server-side (I think it was software optimizing or perhaps hardware exchange). And it has been running quite stable since.

So are you try to tell me that this could be mine problem?

  1. the myopenhab website is also works very slowly for me.
  2. in logs i have several disconnection’s from cloud.
  3. I wait like 4 seconds to turn the light on using cloud and many times there is google home respone taht there is error with openhab

It has been very stable for me too as well.
But several users have recently reported problems.

It maybe an ISP issue or a geographical problem but it’s not the OHCloud

Sometimes the server is down, because of connectivity or resource issues (for example in around December), but I have never had any problem with Google Home and openHab integration. I use it fairly often, but I sometimes use it very ‘randomly’ without checking anything and it works well.

Maybe not you. Maybe your internet connection, maybe your ISP connecting to the servers in Germany
There could be plenty of reasons

Not at all.
Just telling you my experiences.

All three issues could be down to the connection from you to the cloud. I find it very strange that you even experience slow connection to myopnhab website.
I have no idea how you would investigate this… But the picture seems to be due to connection problems between you and the loud, problems I dont experience, which could be the reason why it works for me.

Unfortunaly there is no way to debug this, as far as I know… I know @matt1 said something about this debugging a coupple of months back. But I have no idea if he managed to get anything going.

The main issue I have is that if the cloud goes down your instance is sometimes considered to be offline while it is online. So you need to manually restart the Cloud Connector bundle or openHAB to resolve it. :cry:

See also:

I have not had this issue at all.
I can tell from the log, when openhab starts, it connec to the cloud. Sometimes I see it disconnect right after, but it connects fine again after a few seconds.
I use the cloud connection together with Google Home every day, at least a coupple of times a day, cause I tell Google to open/close my garagedoor when I arrives home or leaving :wink:

Try doing a ping with a large MTU size and see if you get packet loss. A normal ping is not good enough, it has to be the special ping in this post. Note how long the ping takes as there was a note in the source code about very low pings…

Also a 2-4 second delay is normal for me from when I ask to when the light changes. However it is very reliable and always works here now my problem is sorted. If I ask google to set an alarm or reminder a similar amount of time passes and this does not use Openhab or its cloud to set an alarm.

“OK google set an alarm for 1 minutes time”

Two links to use for fault finding are:

The binding uses this address to GET your items from. This link MUST work and return your items. If it does not or it is corrupt you will need to fault find why…
Replace openHABianPi with your IP address if it does not work…

This link should do the same thing but via the cloud.

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Thanks everyone for help

For now everything works like a charm.

What i do:

  1. Fully uninstalled mosquito and openhab2
  2. Freshinstalled both
  3. Made a propper clean config with files. (Migrating MQTT1 items to MQTT2.4 items)

Now cloud is working fine.

Do not know what was the reason, meaby some temporary cloud problem or my temporary isp problem.

@vzorglub i should have a good connection to germany i live in poland
@wborn Yes this is a big issue, lets have hope it get fixed.
@matt1 both sites are now accesible, will check MTU latter

It doesn’t really matter really. A bit. I suspect your ISP was at fault in this case

just to add my two cents. I cannot confirm the free service is VERY stable. It’s stable, in deed, but sometimes my google home tells me openhab is not reachable. Happens rarely, but it happens.I would rather move to a payable service in order to achieve a more stable connection.

@ StefanHStefan Haupt
yes, i still have sometimes like 1 for 20 uses that openhab is not reachable.
in my oponion the creator of the cloud should make a premium service on differen less loaded server.
this would help us and the development of the project with extra money