Staircase only 2 items

Hi there

I’ve been trying for quite some time to get my setup working

In my staircase I have one zwave fibaror double switch physicly conetced to switch A and the acutal bulb.
On the upper floor I have one zwave fibaro double switch connetected to a wallswitch. The only thing I want is to get the switches to work on the same actuator, I’ve tried profile=follow iun booth directions and a bunch of rules for that, like the one below where z13 is the switch physicliy connected to the sitch and z35_s1 is the switch physicly connected to nothing else but the switch.

rule "Strömbrytare hall övervåning "
Item z35_s1 changed
logInfo(“Zwave”,“Taklampa på via knapp”)


if (z13.state==ON)
logInfo(“Zwave”,“Taklampa av via knapp”)

‘Follow’ profile is less use than you might expect, because it operates on any update and is not limited to changes.

Assuming your slave switch output is unused, there’s nothing to stop you turning that on/off to mirror the master switch. That makes it easier then messing about with toggling.

So to mirror two switches -
Rule triggered on switch A change.
Copies new state to switch B as command.
Separate rule triggered switch B change
Copies to switch A as command.

That’s it.

You can make more elegant by only passing command when target not already in that state.

This relies on your zwave switches reporting changes reasonably promptly. If they don’t you will need to fix that.

If your zwave devices support associations, you can link them together so that you wouldn’t need rules or OH to even be running for them to stay in sync.

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Hi m zwave item support associations but, wouldn’t controller looe contol over booth items then, I have 2 fibaro doubleswitch and only one associationsgrop for each item.

Hi do yoy know if I shuld have the siwt type too toggle or toggle stable to work Fibaro paramter 20.

I’ve assumed these are simple switches; command ON and they turn on, and report back status ON.

What you do with any buttons on them, I don’t know and I don’t think it matters much.

If it is a Lifeline association group with only one member, then you won’t be able to link them through associations.

No, they would still be able to be controlled through OH too. If you are not familiar with setting up associations between zwave devices, then it is better to just use a profile or rule.

Hi it’s a lifeline with two channels oand only one asscoiation group, so that’s a good idea I suppose.

Hi there switches could be set as either toggle toggle stable. Now booth of the are set as toglle, meaning that when you change the physical switch the “zwave” switch changes. The wall switches I’m using is old fassioned on or off switches no moder fancy stuff with momentary switches.


Now I have been working a littlebit more on my problem, one problem seemed to be that my Switch B didn’t report changes to controller, so i did set acsociation to controller it was already blank but it helped alot. Below is the fastest rule I found yet

rule “Switch A”
Item z35_s1 changed
if(z13.state != z35_s1.state) z13.sendCommand(z35_s1.getStateAs(OnOffType))

rule “Switch b”
Item z13 changed
if(z35_s1.state != z13.state) z35_s1.sendCommand(z13.getStateAs(OnOffType))