Standard widget, configuration popup doesnt appear when click on + button or configure icon menu

Dear all,
I’m running OH 3.3.0 snapshot S 2806, the latest one;
When adding a layout page, after adding block, row and column and then I click on the “+” button, nothing happens ( It should popup the list of available standard widget to let me choose the one I want to add).

Clean-cache already done and I have also already removed Chrome cache.

Also with old pages I see the black sandwich menu icon, but when I click on the configure menu nothing happens.

thanks for your support.


Only hav this problem with the masonry area. Nothing happen if i click on the plus sign

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What version are you running? stable or snapshot? If snapshot what version?

Sanpshot #2806, error was introduced in 2804 or 2805

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Possibly relevant:

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Exactly the same

Same for me, being on build 2801. Unable to add widget, nor add “Standard Metadata” to an item.

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What do you mean by “Standard Metadata”? State descriptions? That works fine for me on #2809. Is there anything in the openHAB log? If you enable debugging in the browser, is there any failed request when you try to do that?


See Issues · openhab/openhab-core · GitHub

When editing an item :

If I click on “Add Metadata”

then “Default Standalone Widget” for example, the window is completely empty :

No error in logs, also network debugging does not seem to show any outstanding information :

Same here, if I click on the big “+” to add a widget, nothing happens :

What issue are you referring to @livio ?

It was for J-N-K
Issue 2850 on github

I can reproduce the issue with the “Default Standalone Widget”. Unfortunately I have no idea what might have cause that. I can’t debug UI because I can’t build openhab-webui due to incompatibilities in the used node version.

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I’ don’t know if this can help you, I hope

I think it’s worth filing an issue in UI repo. Done