Start a specific song on alexa from openhab

I have an alexa linked to my openhab setup.
I can use alexa to turn on lights etc

I want to do “the opposite” I would like to do have a rule that launches a specific song/sound on alexa.

Like when I come home have a song played for me, or when we push an alarm button, we can turn on a siren sound

I think there is no direct solution for that question. However, you might consider connecting your OpenHAB system via bluetooth to Echo and use it as bluetooth speaker, so you can play the sound on your computer.

Though I would be happy if there’s a direct solution, especially if that included, e.g., playing musing from a NAS like Synology.

thanks for the fast answer, connecting openhab and alexa via bluetooth is not an option.
The openhab system is up in the attic, away from everyhing. Not possible to connect to it through wifi or bluetooth.