Start Alexa skill by the rule in OpenHab

Is there any way to activate the Alexa skill in OpenHab via the rule?
I want Alexa to start a skill when a rule is triggered in openhab.
If not, is there any way to start a routine of Alexa ( a routine that at a fixed time call a skill) from openhab rule? I tried to do this by using "start a routine. " but I don’t know what should I write in the command part for starting Alexa routine. Sorry for the dummy question, I am a beginner.

Any help will be great.

I don’t use Alexa so cannot comment beyond the fact that the docs appear to indicate that it’s possible to trigger an Alexa routine from OH. See

It’s a long and complicated document so how to properly set up an Item to be a ContactSensor or MotionSensor is, I assume, elsewhere in the document.

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I solved my problem using this link : Xbox One control via OH
So i created a routine in Alexa app and in the routine I call my desire skill. In openhab :
rule “Alexa Routine”
sendCommand(amazonechocontrol_echo_xxxxxxx_startRoutine, “your routine’s voice trigger”)

I hope it helps other beginners like me.


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